Mambo, If it’s Coffee it is…

Since 2006 that Mambo brings heart and soul to the coffee processing. From this legacy was born the art of creating unique flavours.

Mambo is a brand that carries almost a decade of rigor, appreciation and quality to its best products: coffees, teas and infusions. It all begins with the search for the best sources and raw materials, passes through the dedication of a professional team and ends offering products with unique features.

Mission, vision & values

Mission – Mambo tries to preserve a rigorous production process that respects tradition and offers a pure, balanced and aromatic flavour coffee.

Vision – Considering the reference values, Mambo aims to get an inimitable differentiation over time. The history of the brand is based, indeed, in a continuous search for excellence and innovation that boots its products on the market.

Values – Accuracy; Art; Quality; Excellence; Union; Sharing

Quality & Diversity

All our coffees are produced according to strict criteria of quality and food safety, judiciously responding to the requirements and needs observed in the markets where the company operates.

Mambo also sells coffee capsules (compatible with Nespresso and Delta machines), coffee husks, cocoa powder capsules, powdered milk, sugar, teas and infusions.

Importance & Art

Mambo, if it’s coffee it is coffee…. Mambo reflects the respect for the art of making coffee and the valorization of the tradition and the origins of the Factory Estrela da Beira, ensuring an authentic concept.

It stands out in national and international markets by the valorization of the origins selected for the formation of its blends, by the art of working the coffee and by the tradition that characterizes so well the brand.

Selection Mambo

Selection Mambo: A permanent rigour prevails in the selection of varieties of green coffee by sensory analysis of Lots and the purchase of certified coffee. So, we guarantee a unique and traditional taste that satisfies even the most demanding connoisseur.


Each roasting is crucial to ascertain the aroma and flavour of our coffee. Performed by automatic processes, but controlled under the watchful eye of the expert roaster, it is carried out progressively and delicately, allowing each grain to caramelize gradually, developing its characteristics and releasing the entire aroma that surrounds it.

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